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Friday February 8, 2013
Working Equitation USA officially approved Spirit Bridle
for National competitions, but not Internationl

Please take the time to review the information available here on this website.   The information is neither right or wrong it is just simply acquired from a different perspective than the traditional.
You may  leave comments there or in the Guest Book.

“Sympathetic Horsemanship”
uses the natural gaits & movements of the horse as the tool for gymnastic schooling of horse and rider.

Our motto is:
“Supreme Performance Through Supreme Freedom’
Predicated upon our goal of teaching the rider how to maintain a soft, supple & fluid body, in order to create a truly free, light, loose supple and unconstrained horse.
“Ask and allow, do not demand and force”
is our creed and our mission statement.

We have combined the wonderful knowledge and experiences of numerous riders, trainers & clinicians.  We seek to maintain traditional methods and values, while taking the opportunity to blend in what the horses have taught us.  We are constantly seeking out research studies that will help us provide more accurate knowledge of the horse to the riders.

The goal is to teach the rider to have invisible aids that are soft, supple and fluid.  We are able to teach the ‘feel’ of the rein connection through the independence of the ‘fingers‘, teach the ’feel’ through a truly independent seat connection and teach the ‘feel’ though the independent aids of leg connection. 

Whether you take lessons or attend clinics, the positive results you achieve will have an even greater positive impact upon the performance of both you and your horse, regardless of the venue/venues in which you both participate.

Horsemanship is not merely about a horse performing certain movements and gaits, rather
Horsemanship is the result of a rider becoming a horseperson by learning to communicate in the silence of
the ‘invisible’, soft, supple & fluid aids
Creating not merely a performance but rather an emotional and physical

Dance of the Horse.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have,
to arrange private lessons
or to schedule a two (2) or three (3) day clinic

Sympathetic Riding Institute
Mail: P.O. Box 711908
Salt Lake City, UT 84171
Telephone: 801-678-4259

Sympathetic Horsemanship and Spirit Bridle
"Investment in the health, welfare and performance of your horses."(C
For information regarding equine biomechanics that is, in my opinion, the most valid here in the United States, please visit the website for Dr. Nancy Nicholson
I wish to thank those who visit this website.

For the number of visitors to this site, I find it so odd that not much has come to fruition from this website.  The health and welfare of the horse is supposed to be our prime responsibilty and yet so many individuals are so willing to ignore the correct and instead choose to follow the incorrect being shown by the 'stars' of any equine venue.