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  1. Relativity & Goldtone 22 Mixed Chain Necklace Dusty Blue,Blanched Almond, bG38ZHvqhaqD6zt AUD94.54  AUD43.64
    Save: 54% off
  2. Women Apparel AGB & Printed Necklace Swing Tank Black, irVv92p6OeerOjy AUD91.40  AUD42.13
    Save: 54% off
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Shipping & Returns

Our wide. Just buy and enjoy their work during class, we direct your door.


1.Received systems

To organize your wages to you, we'll send you an email to confirm this order. Next, we stopped the work order system.

2.Processing time

In this section, we need 1-4 days to arrange a suitable quality control and production. If the package number and shipped, we send E-mail to change the information.

Note: public holidays, world travel and the free will to do delivery time.


All Delivery time = time production + shipping time

Based on feedback, Boxes many can quickly and risk transferred.

Contact Us

If you receive something you have any questions or delivery, please feel free to contact our customer service representatives will provide a satisfactory answer to you.


You can come back after giving birth, 30 days from the sale of several new, unopened items full back. We will also pay the return shipping cost if the return is our error (you received a wrong or defective factor, etc.). You must have for weeks faster than the four to receive a return package after the sender, but in many cases, you will get back. this time, including the transmission, we will return to the sender (5-10 days), that will take, we received (days 3-5) the return, it takes a bank in your schedule back your subsection (days 5-10) times. Once we have received and divided them back, we will inform you of e-mail in return. Instead of discussing whether to return to the days of more than 30 after the opening session of partially fundable.